LPT Project - Indian studies between XIX and XX centuries

The LPT Project is dedicated to Luigi Pio Tessitori, the distinguished scholar who worked in Rajasthan from 1914 to 1919 as a linguist, philologist, historian and archaeologist.

The point of departure of the project was the International Congress "Luigi Pio Tessitori" organised in Udine in 1987 on the centennial after his birth. Following a suggestion of the scientific committee, the Società Indologica was established in Udine with the aim of furthering knowledge of Tessitori’s scientific activity and bringing his opera omnia to press.

The first three volumes of opera omnia section have already appeared in the series Bibliotheca Indica: "Opere giovanili" (1996), "Studi giainici" (2000) and "Rāmacaritamānasa e Ramāyaṇa" (2003). A fourth volume, devoted to his "Scritti linguistici", is in preparation. In another section, «Text and studies», the proceedings of the international conference held at Bikaner in 1996 have been published under the title "Tessitori and Rajasthan" (1999). With the publication of the "Devī-Māhātmya" (2008), an annotated edition of the illuminated MS. 4510 of the «Vincenzo Joppi» Municipal Library in Udine, a new section of the Bibliotheca Indica, «Monumenta», has been inaugurated.

In order to fulfill its institutional aims, in the past the Società Indologica undertook a census both of Tessitori’s manuscripts kept at the Municipal Library in Udine and of his private documents held by his heirs at Reana del Rojale. As a result a prototype with a few samples was hosted in E-Dvara, the digital platform designed by the University of Udine in the framework of the EU-India Economic Cross Cultural Programme.

The LPT Project will feature a much larger collection. A wide selection of documents will be available online as a searchable database, including private papers, letters, diaries, photographic plates and manuscripts. Bibliographical references will also be included.